Do you want to sell Your iPhone? Or the iPhone is locked and You forget the password to unlock the iPhone? Whether You want to sell your iPhone and wish to remove Your data in it or You can’t unlock an iPhone that is locked due to forget the password, both can be solved with this guide on how to reset an iPhone.

iPhone reset will return to the initial settings or to the factory settings, so the iPhone will look like a new phone. Automatically, all Your data in your iPhone will be erased. If you want to use the data in Your old iPhone, then back up all the data first before resetting your iPhone. Because the data that has been deleted will not be restored again.

There are 2 types of reset of the iPhone, namely a soft reset and a hard reset.

Well, to the problem of data deletion or unlock iPhone that is locked, You have to do a hard reset. Please be aware that here no how to reset iPhone with iTunes. iTunes can only be used to backup data before You reset your iPhone, yes. Here are the differences and how to do the two types of iPhone reset :

How to Soft Reset iPhone

A Soft reset will not delete all existing data on the iPhone. This is because the soft reset is another word for restart or reboot your iPhone. This is done to restore the iPhone that are being hang or stop and not be able to run on an application.

To perform a soft reset You do not need iTunes or iCloud. Here is how to perform a soft reset of the iPhone precisely:

Press the Home button and the Sleep in the iPhone simultaneously. When pressing both buttons and hold for approximately 10 seconds. Your iPhone screen will go blanck for a few moments. Hands-off no of both buttons when the screen is black
After a few moments, the Apple logo will appear on the iPhone screen.

This is a process of restarting of iPhone. Leave it until the restart process is finished. When restart process finished, please touch the screen iPhone to give it a try
Often times when opening a specific app, our iPhone suddenly hang and cannot be operated. Preferably, do not remove the battery of the iPhone first because such action may damage the phone. Try a soft reset on the top to restore iPhone that is frozen as a result of a hang or error. If the button does not work, please try how to restart the other we’ve ever reviewed here.

How to Hard Reset iPhone

How to reset your iPhone the next is a hard reset, i.e. reset the iPhone as a whole. This way will eliminate the data on Your iPhone, because this is a way to make display and setting iPhone back to like the first time You buy it.

In general, a hard reset is done if You want to sell your old iPhone to others. Hard reset or factory reset is very important if You don’t want new people who have a mobile phone You know the data-Your old data.

With a hard reset all data in iPhone will be lost, ranging from the application, photos, videos, songs, up file-file You’ve downloaded.

In addition, the hard reset is done if You can’t open a locked iPhone. It is quite often experienced by most people, because forgot your password is a reasonable thing.

However, if You want to use this way to recover a locked iPhone, then You must be ready with risk of losing the existing data on the iPhone.

During the process of backing up, You can sort the data if it is not used again. Remove the data to give more space in the storage capacity of Your iPhone later. Make sure You use the how to back up with iCloud and iTunes, because the process of backing up iPhone data best can only rely on two such software.

It is certainly different with Android devices that can back up just by doing a copy paste only. On the iPhone, You have to use iCloud and iTunes is developed by Apple.

Well, if You’ve made sure that all the data already stored in iTunes or iCloud, please do a hard reset on Your iPhone.

Here are the steps on how to reset an iPhone to original settings:

Go to ‘Settings’ in Your iPhone

Select the menu ‘General’

Click the ‘Reset’

Select the text ‘Erase All Content and Settings’

Your screen will display the warning about all data will be erased if You reset your iPhone

Proceed with enter Your Apple ID to confirm the action reset

Wait a few moments then the all the data and settings on your iPhone will be erased

Because all data and settings iPhone will be erased, be sure first to re-think and do back up your data if You want to use all the old data existing in the iPhone. This is because the data will be permanently lost if not backup first.

If the data can be restored with restoration through iCloud or iTunes, but all the settings on Your iPhone can not be restored.

You have to reset again if you want to go back to the old settings of Your iPhone.

The iPhone is a high end smartphone that has a security level high enough. Therefore, if You forget the password and can not unlock the iPhone locked, then how to reset the iPhone above is the only solution to re-open the iPhone.

Well, if You are the kind of person who are forget easily, You can lock the iPhone with the feature of finger print in iPhone 5s to the top.

Security features with fingerprint is quite powerful and ensure the security of Your data without the worry of a forgotten password.

Just for information, features finger print on the iPhone this will lock Your phone without requiring a password. You can unlock the iPhone just by putting Your finger on the ‘Home’ button of the iPhone. Your phone will not be open if not using Your fingerprint. This method is quite effective for those of You who often experience events of forgotten password. But this way will not be successful without the Apple ID, yes.

How to Reset an iPhone 7 Series

If You are a user of iPhone 7 series, then the above way will not succeed to do the reset. Just calm down, the iPhone 7 series has steps of its own to do the reset. You just need to go through the stage of short to reset the iPhone 7 You. This is the steps to reset it:

Press and hold the power button in the right part of the phone
Still by pressing the power button, now You along with press the volume down key
Hold and keep click two buttons to display the Apple logo.

How to Reset iPhone 8 Series & iPhone X

Series latest iPhone has a different way to do the reset. Apple replacing some buttons that are commonly installed on the iPhone series before. Although different, You needn’t trouble to do a reset on the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X.

The reason, simply by step short course you can already do a reset on Your iPhone. Here are the steps how to reset iPhone 8 series & iPhone X:

Click and then release the volume up button in the left part of the phone
After that, You can directly click and release the back button the volume down
Then, You directly press the power button (sleep/awake button) in the right part of the
Now You just wait for the phone screen displays the Apple logo.

Well, that’s some way to reset the iPhone and make Your iPhone like new again. All it is very easy and simple, just that there are a few different ways to series of the latest iPhone. Whether You are successful with the use of the above ways?

Drop your comments below for further guide on iPhone reset.

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